1- Do your goals and dreams match your habits and routines?
2- The Power of Three: Three morning and evening rituals = Power, Peace & Clarity
3- How do you tune your life
4- Creating a fulfilling and fun vision for each of your lifestrings
5- The gap between what you want and where you are.
6- Tune your life: Create your ultimate life vision
7- Harmony: Make sure each string is in tune with the other
8- Decision & Procrastination
9- To find your passion, live with passion, and your passion will find you.
10- Passions on hold?
11- Wounded Passion—Letter of Liberation.

12- Your definition of wealth
13- Use your Genius to innovate, create wealth, and put a ding in the universe
14- Find a Master to Model
15- BIG GOAL, small action: Achieve greatness in little things:
16- Seven Day Letting Go Diet: To change your charge, change your feelings.
17- George Baily technique: “Miracles are just a shift in perception from fear to love”
18- Forgiveness: Put your God Glasses On.
19- Forgive Yourself! Guilt is Garbage!
20- Good Will Hunting Technique: It’s not your fault guilt:
21- Simple Kindness, Simple Prayer.
22- Blank Journal page for downloading