1- Be Who YOU Are—Inside and Out

How do you make the most yourself, inside and out . . .
Create wealth and financial abundance . . .
Success and fulfillment . . .

2 - Be Who You Are Inc. Your Life In the Music Business

Be Who You Are Inc. Your life in the music business, immerses the student in two topics…

Part One: The fundamentals of the music industry

  • Exposes students to different career paths and jobs in music
  • Self-Discovery through networking
  • Networking your way into your dream college
  • Networking your way to a music scholarshiop
  • All facets and sectors of the current music industry landscape:
  • Where and how money is made:
  • New Media, new marketing, new record label, new definition of making it:
  • Emerging Opportunities:
  • Sales, strategies, networking:
  • Musician as entrepreneur:
  • Music Careers in dollars and cents:

Part Two: The fundamentals of life

  • Where do I fit in to the music industry landscape?
  • What do I really want? Why do I really want it?
  • What do I really love to do? Why do I really love to do it?
  • How can I design a life doing what I really love to do?
  • Self-concept, Limiting beliefs, empowering beliefs:
  • Life Vision
  • Measurable Strategies

A motivational course about the music business and life…

  • It combines,
  • Information with inspiration…
  • Inspiration with Self-knowledge…
  • Self-knowledge with clarity
  • Clarity with specific goals…
  • Specific goals with strategy…
  • Strategy with measurable results
  • Clarity is power.
3 - LifeStrings:

Creating a powerful, exhilarating, meaningful and FUN vision for your life.

4 - Find Your Why! Be Who You Are For?

[Teachers, sales, parents, job (insert area of interest)]

Why do I feel overworked and under loved?

Why don’t I have more time? Why don’t I have more money?

Why do I feel like I’ve stopped growing? Why do I wonder if my work even matters?

How did the wings of my talent, get stuck in the soul-sucking quick sand, of red tape?

I want to live with passion and purpose.

I want to be alive with enthusiasm, but feel like the walking dead?

Like the song says… I can’t get no, satisfaction. And I try, And I try, try, try…

But I lost my why.

Why did you choose your career then? Why now?

Why do you make a difference?

Why is your unrepeatable, unrepeatable, unrepeatable life so important & indispensible?

Why does what you do, and who you are, matter to us all?

Find Your Why!

5 - Mailbox money for high-school and college students

[Teachers, sales, parents, job (insert area of interest)]

Don’t spend a lifetime working hand to mouth for money.
Learn how to make your money work for you

Make money while you sleep!
They call it passive income. I call it “mailbox money.”

What’s that?

mailbox money /ˈmālˌbäks/ /ˈmənē/ : Income received on a regular basis, with little time or effort required to maintain it once the initial work and foundation have been laid. (Magic mailbox required. Construction and content of magic mailbox vary.)
Most college and high school students, the ones with the greatest potential for checking the mail for a living, are financially illiterate and know nothing about passive income. They’re herded like sheep into whatever field or major they’re interested in without any advice on how to use their wages to create real wealth.

Mailbox money for high school and college students, educates, motivates and inspires students into abundant financial futures.

6 - The Point

How do you raise your level of consciousness . . .

Lose your fear no what happens . . .

Stay Happy no matter what happens . . .

7 - Choose Your Own Topic!

Design a discussion. Customize a conference. Select your own subject. Jimmy Brandmeier will work with you to tailor a seminar to your needs