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Jimmy Brandmeier

Jimmy Brandmeier’s deep-rooted music industry experience combined, with his passion for guiding students in music and life, make him a different, and inspiring teacher. His credo is simple, empowering and rare; be who you are—inside and out—no matter what, no matter how far!

Brandmeier has early beginnings as a highly talented musician. He’s worked with artists ranging from Jason Mraz, Avril Lavign, Joss Stone, Dave Mathews and Sara McLachlan to Eric Clapton, Wynonna Judd, Carole King, Carlos Santana, Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach. Along the way he has created an army chest of connections and networks.

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Be Who You Are – the song upon which his book,
Be Who You Are, A Song For My Children, is based.


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Be Who You Are, A Song For My Children

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I hit rock bottom

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World-class dreams require world class routines

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