Be Who You Are – A Song For My Children

Be Who You Are – A Song For My Children

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Be Who You Are, A Song For My Children guides the reader down the inner and outer roads of life with laser beam clarity— towards authenticity—away from the gravitational pull of the big mistake:

  • Believing the outer road is the only road that matters.
  • Believing the outer road leads to happiness.

Whether you’re a Multi-Passionate Millennial determined to by-pass the brainwashing and stoke the sparkle in your eye, a 40 something who’s sick and tired of limping through life, or a perfect success whose life is void of perfect happiness, this book guides you like a Dad, home to who you are… inside and out… no matter what, no matter how far.


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6 reviews for Be Who You Are – A Song For My Children

  1. Michael L Friedel (verified owner)

    Just finished the book “Be Who you Are”. Great Book. Loved it. Hard to put down. A talented musician writes a beautiful song for his three daughters and then turns it into a must read book. Five Stars. A required read for parents your children and anyone who wants to make the most of their lives. Fantastic illustrations great personal stories of family faith and life. I will order more for my wife and children. Thank you Jimmy Brandmeier.

  2. BookLover Review (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful book. It radiates warmth, love, and timeless wisdom. It will inspire you to live your best life. Highly recommended.

  3. Angela, Goodreads (verified owner)

    After reading this book, I wanted to simultaneously hug my daughter while pursuing my dream of becoming a novelist.

  4. Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews (verified owner)

    There is a majestic feeling behind the words in this book, and it’s very inspirational.

  5. Seattle Book Review (verified owner)

    Jimmy Brandmeier breathes life into his readers. By the time I read Brandmeier’s Overture, I felt he was speaking directly to my soul.

  6. N.N. Light (verified owner)

    A firm believer in following one’s heart, Brandmeier’s lesson is one that everyone, not just his children, could benefit from hearing again. Humorous, reflective, and inspirational, Be Who You Are shares a father’s most sincere advice– that to live a life of meaning, you must live for yourself.

    I found myself thinking of my dad and knowing he wouldn’t want me to forget my life is a miracle.

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