Book Club

Meet The Author

To schedule an in-house or online discussion with the author, at your book club contact— It’s easy, energizing and fun!

Words and Music: Living Room Tour

Words and Music, is an unplugged music performance and discussion by the author featuring, original songs based upon this book. To schedule musician and author Jimmy Brandmeier for an intimate performance and discussion at your book club contact info@JimmyBrandmeier.

Use Your Book Club To Serve

The authors philosophy has always been, use your talent to serve . . . Jimmy Brandmeier would love to work with your book club to customize and create different ways to serve your community, club, or the cause of your choice, based on the contents of this book. To schedule a brainstorming jam session, on different ways to use your book club to serve, contact

YouTools: Questions and Worksheets for discussion
live music background

YouTools is a set of worksheets, questions for discussion, and exercises based on this book to help guide you from thinking about to defining, doing, and living any life you can imagine. YouTools are not only effective tools for elevating your life, they are also a great way to . . . enhance your book club!