I hit rock bottom

The music company I launched to secure my family’s financial future crashed and burned. Every avenue of escape was either obsolete or closed for the recession. There was nowhere left to turn. After throwing every ounce of my being into the ring, I crawled off the battlefield wounded and wiped out. I’ve lost before, been […]

World-class dreams require world class routines

Your goals and dreams must match your habits and routines! Destiny is formed in your daily routine. Destiny is formed in your daily routine. Destiny is formed in your daily routine. Okay, now go to the blackboard and write that one hundred gazillion times. Jimmy Brandmeier: Be Who You Are, A Song For My Children

Negativity Sucks

It sucks our time, our health, our happiness, our creativity, our courage, our energy, our dreams, and it sucks the joy out of our day. The constant crash of negative waves also erodes our bodies, literally making us sick. Picture swimming in an oil spill of anger, fear, resentment, worry, stress, excuses, judgment, gossip, and […]

Each life touches every life

You will change the lives of every person you come into contact with. Your irreplaceable drop of energy will forever alter the ocean of humanity. Your example, fearful or loving, will inspire and teach. Your passing comment could change a destiny— random smile, save a life. Who you are expands to us all. Each man’s […]


In the movie Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon’s character, Will, wanted to dump the perfect girl before she discovered his imperfections and he discovered hers. His therapist, Sean (Robin Williams), called him on it. SEAN: So call her up, Romeo. WILL: Why? So I can realize she’s not that smart, that she’s [bleep] boring? Y’know, […]

Burn the friggin boats

We ask for what we think we want from life, but rarely what life wants from us. Life demands that we be who we are, that we answer the bell of our own call. A true calling is never, ever a hobby. It is never, ever something to fall back on. Falling back is slow […]