Beware the trapdoors, through which many fall prey, on the road to their dreams:

      1.   Big is better

      2.   Wanton desire

      3.   Waiting for someday to live

Yes . . .! Create a magnificent life vision, one that’s so crystal clear and energizing that you’re chomping at the bit to dive into it every morning. One that clearly and powerfully pulls you to any life you can imagine. One that guides you through the freedom gates of self-reliance to any destiny you choose.

But don’t get jammed up in door number one by mistaking big for better.

One size does not fit all.

You don’t have to create some huge, world-shaking vision to justify your life and be happy. Your outer vision may be to create a simple lifestyle that bypasses busyness, making room for who and what you love, giving you the freedom to enjoy the day. Like Thoreau at Walden Pond: “My greatest skill in life has been to want but little.”

To have more, desire less.

To steer clear of trapdoor number two, stay carefree and detached from the outcome of your efforts, free from the jailors of a dream—wantonness and desire.

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory.”

And we’re all falling through trapdoor number three.

Waiting for someday to live.

Waiting for the vision, job, money, relationship, or dream to come true to be happy. The last time I checked, “Someday” wasn’t a day of the week.

Don’t let visions of tomorrow rob you of today. The best way to create an amazing future is to live an amazing present.

The future doesn’t exist and never will.

The fullness of life is now.

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