The Shadow of Your Dreams

The Shadow of Your Dreams

Don’t mistake the shadow of your dream, for the dream itself.

Grunting through “base-camp” starter jobs that shadow your real passion is part of your growth—part of paying your dues. As Ringo Starr once sang, “You got to pay your dues, if you want to sing the blues!”

But there’s a big difference between a base-camp job and being stuck in the shadows of what you really want. Base camp can devolve into prison camp, if you take your eyes off the prize. Don’t settle for shadows—go the distance and live the dream.

Like the aspiring author who finds herself as a copywriter, English professor, or editor, when she really wants to be a novelist—the high school band director who really wants to be a singer-songwriter, or the aspiring veterinarian whose temporary base-camp job at a pet store chain rusts into the chains of a shadow career.

Many people spend their entire lives next to their dreams instead of in them.


Mostly fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of being dead broke.

Fear of being different.

Fear of being laughed at.

Fear about abilities.

Sometimes the shadow thoughts of others can mask your own light.

Family wants to keep you safe and under control. Society wants to put you in a box. There is subtle pressure from teachers, friends, strangers you’ll never meet, and the Joneses who want you to keep up.

Ignore the pressure from without and doubt from within. Know the difference between the firelight of a temporary base camp and forever living in the shadow of your dreams.

I never want you to get stuck in a job that started out as a stepping-stone!

Steer steadfast and straight, directly into your passion, not next to it.

Shadow goals create frustrated shadow people!

Don’t live the shadow . . . live the dream.

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