The Big Mistake

The Big Mistake

The further you wander outside yourself for happiness, the further from happiness you’ll be. Even the noblest pursuits of this world can only take you halfway home, or depending on motivation, halfway to hell.

We scrounge for happiness in all the wrong places and wonder why we never find it. The world calls this treadmill quest for happiness, normal. I call it The Big Mistake—one that almost everyone makes—and one that scrambles us around The Point of Life, on an unconscious rat-rush to nowhere. The framework of life is really sooo simple.

There are two roads, which layer and lead towards or away from who you are.

  1. The inner road and sole purpose of life: Transcend the ego. Rise above fear (ego) into the essence of who you are. (Love!)
  2. The outer road and secondary purpose of life: Make the most of yourself, your talents, your livelihood, and your life in this world. (Live!)

All you can imagine, do, be, achieve or experience is found on these two roads.

One road leads to the other.

The quality of your life depends on the relationship between them.

I’m writing this blog to guide you down both and to steer you away from the gravitational pull of The Big Mistake:

Believing the outer road is the only road that matters.

Believing the outer road leads to happiness.

Flip the switch.

“The ego says, once everything falls into place, I will find peace [outer]. The spirit says, once I find peace, everything will fall into place [inner].” (M.Williamson)

So, what’s The Point?

Buddhists call it “enlightenment.” Christians call it “being born again.”

I call it being who you are inside and out.

Perfect Happiness.


That’s The Point.

That’s the purpose.

That’s the punchline.

Is there anything more, anything better, anything else than perfect happiness?

Singer John Mayer’s dreams came true, yet he lamented, “Something’s missing and I don’t know what it is at all.” After actor Matt Damon won an Academy Award, he went back to his hotel room and threw it on the bed thinking, “Glad I didn’t kill anybody for that.” Comedian Jim Carrey says, “I wish people could realize all of their dreams of wealth and fame so they could see that it’s not where you’ll find your sense of completion.”

The greatest material gains and achievements in the world are not good or bad, or right or wrong—they’re just not enough. Like the toys we quit playing with as children, we simply lose interest as we grow up.

People who focus on the outer road only, believe happiness can be found in the bowels of a bulging shopping cart, at the center of attention, or on the shores of a far-off dream. Always in the future—never now:

This blog is kicking and screaming with a simple message.

Quit looking in the wrong place for what you really want!

Quit looking in the wrong place for happiness!

Quit looking in the wrong place for who you are!

You’re not out there!

You’re in here!

But out there matters too.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

To spiritualize your life, you simply have to change your motives. You don’t have to give up your dreams, sacrifice what you love, or settle for less.

No! No! No! No!

It’s the exact opposite! I want you to explode into your dreams!

Dynamite the dams of fear (shame, guilt, apathy, grief, desire, anger, pride, depression, low self-worth, need for approval, worry, craving, blame, stress), and you’ll blow a hole in the ego so big that happiness will come bursting through on its own. You’ll create the inner conditions for your outer dreams to unfold naturally. Thoughts will soar, mood elevate, energy skyrocket. Consequently, cash will flow into the river of your potential, in any amount needed to make the most of yourself.

So, flip the switch.

The only way out, of unhappiness, no matter what happens, is, in. As I say, in the song I wrote for my three daughters—the song upon which my book, Be Who You Are, A Song For My Children is based . . .

The real journey leads inside, I pray you’ll travel far.



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