Look Farther! The power of imagination

Look Farther! The power of imagination

After my kids were born—once the rhythm of life steadied—I started practicing flute again—put out a CD, and eventually found myself on stage at Carnegie Hall with singer/guitar virtuoso, Jose Feliciano, who recorded one of my songs. I imagined myself onto that stage.

Though grateful for playing at Carnegie Hall and having an iconic artist perform my music, the morning after the show there was a letdown. What was the next step? What now? Then it occurred to me. Darn! I was so busy with the details, I forgot to imagine farther than this.

Dreams can only travel as far as you let your imagination take them.

Look farther.

Don’t be afraid to take your hands off the wheel and flow into uncharted territory.

Imagination, deeply felt, will always whisk you through the riptide of fear. Dare to ignore your senses and the “you can’t” people. With a powerful why, and unbending commitment, you can achieve anything.

Look farther.

Whenever you hear the red flag of a phrase “You have to be realistic,” just reply, “I am realistic. I expect miracles, because that’s how the universe works! And the greatest minds in history agree.

Einstein:“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Heisenberg: “Our mere conscious act of observing a thing affects and changes it. Thoughtful intention increases the probability of affecting physical matter.”

Jesus Christ: “Whatever things you desire, when you pray [visualize, imagine], believe that you will receive them, and you shall have them.”

Point out that the power of focused imagination, vision, and prayer is based on quantum physics—that what they’re really saying when they tell you to “be realistic” is their perception of reality is limited, bound by the small view of their own experience, distorted by fear, and projected out from their lower level of consciousness.

Skeptics define themselves, not reality.

How about this advice from Will Smith instead?

“NEVER have a plan B. It distracts from plan A.”

Or this advice from yours truly?

Master what you love to do, and someone will pay you for it.

It’s better to be among the living so-called failures than the living dead.

There’s only one possible failure in life—the failure to be who you are.

Be careful who you listen to.

Never let someone else’s fear become your own.

Look farther.

Stretch your imagination beyond your comfort zone.

Look farther

Take baby steps into the infinity of your ability by reaching beyond your grasp again and again—one project, one class, one step at a time.

Look farther.

What do you really want? Don’t be afraid to admit it to yourself and the world.

Look farther.

How much money do you expect to make? Reboot your program. Expect more.

Look farther.

What kind of job fulfillment do you expect? Expect more.

Look farther.

What kind of health and physical shape do you expect to be in? Expect more.

Look farther.

How much love do you think you deserve?

How much happiness do you expect?

Where do you impose boundaries on your boundless self-worth?

You are in charge of setting your compass.

You get to choose the heading.

You get to decide how far.

Look farther.

So when you arrive on the shores of a dream, like I did after reaching Carnegie Hall, you won’t say, “Darn, I should have imagined farther than this.”

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

You hold the key that liberates your spirit from the tyranny of aimlessness.


Imagination is a real thing! It’s an invisible quantum divining rod, not a shiny, fluffy Hallmark card. It’s bigger than your senses and bigger than knowledge.

“Truth cannot be encompassed by facts.”

The size of who we are stretches far beyond the understanding of what our programmed minds believe is possible. So look farther and look in.

What you see on the inside is what will be on the outside.


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