LARRY DALEY: Why did you become a pilot?

AMELIA EARHART: Honestly, Mr. Daley? For the fun of it. Why else would anyone do anything?

There’s sage wisdom in that scene from the movie Night at the Museum.

I dare you to face it—dare you to admit it—dare you to live it!

Life should be fun!

Imagine that!

The average child laughs about 400 times per day; the average adult laughs only 15 times per day. What the heck happened to the other 385 laughs!?

We quit having fun, that’s what!

And what can be more fun than creating a life vision that frees you from the bondage of boredom? Imagine brushing off the dead dust of a life-sucking rut-tine and feeling alive again, liberated from the quicksand of money problems, rocky relationships, career confusion, and bad moods. Walt Disney said, doing the impossible is fun! Wanna have fun . . . do an impossible dream.

Imagine a vision that saves you from a flatline, fitting-in, walking dead, just existing, just showing up, just getting by, escaping through TV and food and booze and buying stuff you can’t afford, living from check to check, dying in bits and pieces, and going through the same crap, different day after day after same-dull-day, all over and over and over again, kind of so-called life.



Imagine doing what you love to do.

Imagine doing what you want to do.

Imagine having fun doing what you really love and want to do!

Life is not a prison sentence to be endured; it’s a gift to be opened—a hands-in-the-air freedom ride to the promised land of your own spirit, forever calling you home.

God is happiest when his children are at play.

So play!



I dare you!

I dare you to break out of your comfort zone, bust through limiting beliefs, and expand your self-concept to create a “new normal,” new vision, and a new life.

I dare you to expand the reach of your questions by freeing the unlimited reach of your self-worth.

I dare you to ASK!

And ask BIG!

Expect miracles!

And expect BIG!


And laugh BIG!

I dare you to take internal command of your compass and design your own life. To imagine your wish fulfilled—make it part of your routine—feel it as you’re falling asleep—step into it as you’re waking up! I dare you to throw away plan B, and commit, commit, commit to plan A—to turn your invisible wishes into your visible life—to start with the end in mind and work, and work, and work your butt off.

Just imagine!

I dare you!

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