To turn Someday into Now . . . Schedule it.

To turn Someday into Now . . . Schedule it.


“Talk about it and it’s a fun someday dream,

Create a vision and it gets more exciting,

Plan it and it’s possible,

Schedule it and it’s real.”

This empowering quote by author Tony Robbins contains the secret sauce for taking your dreams from someday to now.

Schedule it and it’s real.

“Someday” is a word that keeps our dreams safely in the clouds, off in the distance and away from our daily life. The trouble is, clouds always dissipate and daily life is life.

To turn your daydreams into daily routines . . .

Schedule something!

Scheduling anything!

No matter how grand or far away your dream might seem,

There is always an action you can schedule now!


The second you schedule even the smallest action, such as a phone call, or even looking up the number to make the call, the universe literally shifts. That five-second phone call is a brick in the foundation of your destiny. Brick by brick builds a career, skill, or business, and with it, the power of momentum, whisking your dreams into reality.

Get familiar with the shift—the feeling that comes from moving someday to now through scheduling small actions. If you learn to schedule your somedays into a routine of simple actions—then as Thoreau said—you’ll “meet with success, unexpected in common hours.”

So what are you daydreaming about? Whatever it is, schedule it!

Do you daydream about getting in world-class shape? Schedule a workout routine.

Developing a world-class skill? Schedule a practice routine.

Landing the perfect internship? Schedule a time to research potential companies.

Starting your own business? Schedule a meeting with a mentor.

Producing a TV show? Schedule creative time to write a one-page brief.

Do you daydream about the perfect, job, relationship, income, or lifestyle?

Schedule it! Schedule something! Schedule anything!


Schedule it and its real!


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